Greek advantages

Greece   Permanent  residency   advantages

 1.The lowest required amount of investment in Europe  of  250.000 € for permanent Residency ( Spain 500.00 € ,Portugal )

  1. Nearest country  of Europe
  2. Several options of Property investment (Suites of various size )
  3. For  properties no Vat ,low maintenance cost, low annual state tax
  4. Right to rent your property
  5. For Touristic lands right to build
  6. Up to 2 months   permanent residency  is issued
  7. Permanent residency is issued for 5 years and is renewed after by keeping property
  8. for 3 generations right for permanent residency, couple, children and  parents
  9. No minimum stay in Greece or language requirements
  10. Free travel to 27 European countries
  11. Right to live in Greece  permanently and up to 3 months to any  other European country and totally 6 month per year
  12. Business opportunities like  Greeks
  13. Access to the health and education services
  14. Right to apply for citizenship after 7 years