procedure & steps

      Procedure for investment in  Greek Property  

By  Buyers visit  or

remotely property transaction  and temporary residency due  to current situation.No need  to travel  to Greece

Step :1

The buyer  informs us about his interest to buy  property  in Greece for ownership in Europe in Greece and  permanent Residency .He signs an agreement and sends us a copy of the  passport  and  contact  details as  address  telephone , (optional WhatsApp and  email)  for registration


The investor   proceeds to the payment  in advance of our service fee and expenses

Charge : 5000  euros  including our service fee , meet  and assist , hotel accommodation( 4-5 nights for 1-2  persons ) , property inspection and further assistance for Tax number acquisition and fulfilling   property  transaction

Step: 3

We send the investor an invitation letter to help  him   get a visa for Greece . He takes care of  air tickets. We arrange in Greece accommodation, transfers, property inspection and familiarity tour with escort of his language speaker.

Step: 4

By the  arrival in Greece  we wait for him   in order to accommodate him and make tour and property inspection

Step : 5

After agreement on the property investment we visit a Notary office that checks and prepares the contract. The investor  has to proceed    to a bank transfer money    as deposit or as full payment to owners’  bank account , as full payments  should be shown to owners  account  on the day of signing the contracts in Notary office

Step :6

After signing the contract, the  new owner will get the contract stamped by Notary office by  Greek  state seal  and after one or 2 days  the new owner can get the certification from the Registry office provided  by Notary  office . Then   this  investor  is ready  to proceed  for Permanent residency

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