Eco Green Homes

Green Eco Homes  Features and advantages

Think global, act local


Traditional wisdom in combination to current technology advances

Sustainable building

Sustainable  architecture

Local materials

Bio- physical sustainability

Technical and technological  sustainability

Social  and  economic  sustainability

 For Humans

 What  people desire and deserve

Visually, acoustically,  building experience

Buildings  for  people

People Accessibility

Human being buildings

Building inspiration to the people

Healthy  and non toxic  environment

Design human choices

Building benefits , individual, regional and global

Homes of functionality and high aesthetic

 Building features

Green Buildings, Climate Responsive Buildings, Ecological Buildings

Buildings Identity

Durable, reliable, construction

Reduce  in comparison to conventional buildings , energy  use up to 50 % ,Co2 emissions up to 50 % , water use up to 50 % ,solid waste up to 50-70 %

Lighting sensors and controls

Sun paths

Wind catchers

Green  roofs

Spaces  full of   daylight

Rainwater harvesting

High class energy  electrical appliances

Basic characteristics of construction and  architecture

Equitable use of resources

Less embodied energy

Use of renewable resources

Application of traditional wisdom

Use of latest technology

Institutionalization of change

Sustainable sites

Water efficiency

Energy and atmosphere

Materials and resources

Insulated wall  materials for less temperature transparency

Fenestration for better daylight and air ventilation

Passive and active heating and cooling  strategies

Indoor environmental quality


Design with location linkages

Awareness and education


Connectivity  to the environment

Conserve the landscape

Build vibrant spaces

Climate and human comfort

Full daylight spaces

Green, climate responsive, ecological  building

Renewable  energy

Reduce resources, reuse resources, recycle consumption

Design of the environment

Zero energy embodied material


Climatic study,  altitude, microclimate, air

Native trees and plantation for the landscape

Economical use of resources

 Steps in the design of Green Eco homes 

Climatic study

Study of site and surroundings

Design the form and orientation of the building

Select the relevant passive strategies

Design of individual components

 Some passive design strategies used for climate-responsive buildings are based on

 Building orientation : to the sun route  and view

Plan form  :  adjusted to the environment and landscape

Design elements : for people

Roof form  :  Soil green roof

Fenestration : daylight  and air free

Wall materials :local  materials with  less embodied energy

Vegetation : Native trees and plantations