Advantages & PROCEDURE

Greece   Permanent  residency   Advantages by Investment  in  our  Properties 

Steps and procedure 

                           Our  Properties Advantages

  1. Greek Golden visa requires   a minimum  amount of investment in Europe  of  250.000 € for permanent Residency  that can  be combined  with  eco green  properties like Spring village
  2. Halkidiki is  the nearest part of Greece  accessible by road, air, and sea
  3. Several options of Property investment   for  guarantee rental with  annual income or for  personal use
  4. Golden  Visa  is issued in 2 months
  5. Permanent residency is issued for 5 years and is renewed again as the property is kept
  6. Three  generations have the  right for permanent residency,   (eg couple, children and  parents )
  7. No minimum stay in Greece or language requirements
  8. Free travel to 26 European countries and live there up to 3 months per semester
  9. Right to live in Greece permanently
  10. Business opportunities like Greeks
  11. Access to health and education services
  12. Right to apply for citizenship after 7 years and get it


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Procedure for investment in Greece 

Step 1  :   Property Reservation  and deposit  

Property  reservation  and by sales property agreement  a   %   of  the total value  of the property is required

Alternative a service fee is applicable

Step2 :  Investors  information  for visa Application

1.investors’ full name and passport number ( copy of passport )

2.Documents  that  prove his ability  to invest  in Greece for  Embassy’s use

We  and our law  firm make all preparations and efforts to  arrange  exceptional  a visa by Greek Embassy  due to the current  situation

Step 3 : Arrival in Greece and  our projects  inspection

The investor  arrives in Greece and we wait for him in order to accommodate him and make tour and property inspection
A  law  firm opens an account   and vat number of the investor. The  investor proceeds  to an attorney of power  to law firm for further actions of property transaction preparation and Golden Visa  application

Step 4 : Property  transaction  and Golden visa application

After full payment  of the property  we proceed  to property transaction  and deeds .Then we proceed to Golden visa application and meeting  for Biometrics