our properties description



  • Natural environment
  • Panoramic  view
  • Surrounded by forest
  • Energy  friendly
  • Movement by  electric  cars
  • Natural water supplies
  • Electrical  energy  autonomous
  • New concept  of holiday  Resorts
  • Birds sounds and wild life around

Property   description 

eco green buildings desrciption        

The chosen area in Greece

We  are  concentrating  in property   developments  on the area of Chalkidiki  and   especially in Kassandra peninsular for the following  reasons

1.First  peninsular is similar to an island, connected to the mainland  by a bridge, having  all the advantages of an island ,  without the  disadvantages, as regards the accessibility by ship or plane and especially in the winter that those are limited

2. In one hour’s  drive  there  is the second biggest  city   in Greece (around 2 million people including the surroundings)  and the airport. 

3. The area is near and accessible in half day from the nearby countries like Bulgaria, Serbia, North Makedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Romania and Turkey.

4. There are municipality, hospital, schools, super markets and other shops

5. An area appropriate for holidays and living all year round

The location of the projects

Selected location that provides high quality of life and holidays

  1. Natural  environment
  2. Combination of sea and mountain ( hill, forest)
  3. Natural  drinking  water supplies
  4. Surrounded  by  forest
  5. Smell of pine trees and other  local plantations
  6. Cool area during the summer and warm during the winter
  7. Wild life surrounded by birds and small  animals
  8. Walking paths
  9. Locations are in area  with  high class hotels  and rates

10.Full  of natural beautiful stones and pebbles for collection and various art creations

        Eco friendly Properties

The Properties

  1. Lands/Plots  of more than 4.000   m²
  2. Up to 10 %  build coverage
  3. Uniqueness and differentiated holiday  complex with no  similarities
  4. Panoramic sea and forest view
  5. Privacy  benefits
  6. Private pool
  7. Private garden
  8. Private veranda  & terrace  
  9. Private plot  isolated from neighbors with natural fences and plantations 

10. Private parking with electrical car charger

    11. Sub earth eco construction bungalows and eco villas

   12. Eco roofs covered by their own soil and plantations  

  13. High energy classification construction and certification

   14. Geothermic and solar panels for electrical power support

  15. Garden lamps operate by the sun with solar energy

  16. Environmental drainage system

 17. Unobstructed   view

18.  Pets friendly 

19. Accessible for   disabled

20. Own water supplies