Greek Golden Visa

By Buyers visit  or Remotely property transaction  and temporary residency due  to current situation .No need  to travel  to Greece

The Program and minimum investment

Τhe Greek golden visa programme gives a permanent residency  by investment in property of 250.000€.

Properties’ options are several as new or second hand house, villas or apartments,  commercial  real estate as well as land or Plot . There is no minimum stay requirement and  3 generations as  couple , children  and parents  are included in the family application.

The visa is granted for five years and it is renewed every five years if the property investment is retained. It is not necessary to live in the country in order to retain and renew the investor’s visa.

However citizenship can only be granted after seven years of residency.

An investment of €250,000 is required in real estate and property in Greece making the Greek programme the lowest investment level of any real estate residency visa scheme in Europe. The property, which can be located anywhere on the Greek mainland or the islands, can be either residential or commercial. Any number of properties can be combined as to reach the €250,000 minimum investment.

Application Period

The application process takes approximately 60 days from the time of investment until the Residency Permit is issued. The applicant needs to have made the property investment in Greece prior of  applying for the visa.

How to start

A typical application starts by  viewing the  properties, meet with lawyer and open a bank account. The application after this point can be processed within Greece by the clients’ lawyer. Provided everything is done correctly at this stage the client will not need to visit again to collect the residency permits.

In addition to the  property  investment applicants will need other documents  and medical insurance to cover any stay in Greece. There is no minimum stay requirement and the residency visa can be renewed after five years providing the investment is maintained.

The expenses

Government, notary and lawyer fees for the property purchase and visa application will cost  around 6 % (€15,000)

Visa for all members

Visa receive also the qualifying family members include spouse and all children under 21. Children 21 and above can be qualified  if they are students. The Greek residency program  was recently extended to the parents of both investor and spouse.

The residence permit allows the applicant to live in Greece but not to work as employee . However the applicant can set up business in Greece.

Once granted the Greek residence permit allows freedom of travel throughout the EU Schengen zone. Additionally as resident in Greece is more easier to travel to other countries as U.S.A. etc.

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Greece Golden Visa


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