GREECE is a Mediterranean country  that belongs to European community and is considerd  the birthplace of the western civilization.

Greece is strategically located at the crossroads of EuropeAsia, and Africa.

It is a democratic and developed country with an advanced high-income economy, a high quality of life and a very high standard of living.

The climate of Greece is Mediterranean, mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers. 

An important percentage of Greece’s national income comes from tourism (25-30 %   direct and indirect ) . 

Athens is the largest city and capital of Greece  followed by Thessaloniki, which is  the co-capital.

The city of Thessaloniki is  home of a number of festivals and events. The Thessaloniki International Film Festival is one of the most important film festivals in Southern Europe.   

 Modern digital information and communication networks reach all areas.

 Greeks have a long tradition of valuing and investing in paideia (education). The culture of Greece has evolved over thousands of years. Theatre was born in Greece.Most western philosophical traditions began in Ancient Greece in the 6th century BC.(Aristotelis,Sokrates etc)

 Greek literature can be divided into three main categories: Ancient, Byzantine and modern Greek literature.

 Greece is the birthplace of the ancient Olympic Games  

Greek cuisine is characteristic of the healthy Mediterranean diet.   It incorporates fresh ingredients into a variety of local  dishes.


 Halkidiki  is a blessed place with  natural beauty  as blue sea and green environment  .It is a place with small traditional and tourist villages  full of olive trees and hospitable people. It belongs to the geographic part of Central Macedonia.It consists of four parts: Central Halkidiki and the three peninsulas (Kassandra,Sithonia, Athos).It is almost one hour away from Thessaloniki and it is considered one of the most beautiful regions of Greece for holidays , vacation or  Permanent  living .

During  the summer it is full of life ,tourists, trafic, tavernas, bars and shops and during the winter it has  a quite nice life with usually sunny days and warm Mediterranean  weather .


Hanioti  Village is one of the most known  villages to tourists from  Germany Uk , Scandivania , Balkan countries ,Turkey ,Cyprus etc.  It is a nice village with shops ,super markets ,central square  beaches and bars

 Hanioti  is situated in the center of Balkans  and main cities as Athens(580 km ) Istanboul 680 km ,Sofia (380 km ), Skopia ( 280 km ) Tirana ( 480 km ) are in a very good distance.

It is  developed  the last  30 years as tourist destination  . The old Hanioti  Village used to be about 2  km  away from  the today ΄s village and 3 km away from the beach . It was up  at  the hills,  where the place was full of springs and water and it was well hidden  from  the pirots during the old years  .Old  chapels as saint George in old village and Saint Konstantinos and Eleni still exist there. The location of the old Village is chosen due to fertile lands, springs and dry cool climate.

Nearby villages

There are many  villages close  to Hanioti worth to visit and   explore in the first peninsula

Loutra : Nearby village with natural springs and spa

Kalithea: During the summer it is full of life and tourism not     only for its nightlife but also for its archaeological interest.

Pefkohori:Beautiful village full of Greek taverns and night clubs,from which you can visit bu boat Mt.Athos and Sithonia.

Paliouri: Quiet traditional village with view to Mt.Athos and Toroneos gulf

Polichrono:Light blue beaches and beautiful nature.Astonished landscape.Remnants of the old city Neapolis still exist near the beach

Kassandria: It constitutes the administrative center of the  region and it has the Folklore museum.

Kriopigi: it has the sandy beach Pigadakia that deserves to  be visited.

Afitos:It is a beautiful traditional village ,built with  stone, famous for the traditional and tasty specialties that  someone can eat in its taverns.

Siviri:An exclusive seasonal settling that was created recently  and in the summer it is full of life.

Possidi: Famous tourist settlings, full of housesthat were built with rocks and traditional architecture.

Petralona: A village that was founded in 1922 by refugees.Famous

because of the homonym Cave of Petralona.

There are more traditional villages worth to visit in the   other 2 peninsulas as well

Nearby Cities

Poligiros :It is the capital of Halkidiki and it is in its geographic center.

Moudania:It is a coastal town famous for the fish-wharf and its big harbor

Arnea :It has about 2500 residents ,it is in Nothern Halkidiki , built in foot of Mt. Holomonta.

. Thessaloniki ,the city of  civilization ,culture  ,education opportunities with  the biggest university of Greece  and also private univesities and Colleges , warm weather, security , sea, mountain.


Cave of petralona

Olynthos –archaelogical museum

Mount Athos –Monasteries